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The rich and effervescent history of a winery where the brand Vybes is produced, is nestled in the picturesque hills of Conegliano (Treviso) in Veneto, Italy. The area known worldwide as the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Our tale is one of passion, tradition, and an enduring love for the land that has generously provided for us over the centuries.


About us

Bubbling Through Time: A Journey Through Vybes Prosecco Legacy

The story commenced at the end of the nineteenth century in Conegliano (Treviso) – Veneto region recognized as the cradle of Prosecco.

At a time when the sun-kissed slopes of Veneto were discovered to be a little piece of viticultural heaven. The founders, were captivated by the beauty of the land and the promising sparkle of the local Glera grapes, the primary varietal used in Prosecco production. They envisioned creating a wine that would encapsulate the essence of this serene region—a wine that would later become a cherished bubbly companion to celebrations big and small.


Exploring Italy's Sparkling Elegance

750ml Prosecco Doc Extra Dry Millesimato

750ml Prosecco Doc Brut

200ml Prosecco Extra Dry


24L. One-Way Cask white wine

Private label

Your Custom Prosecco Solution

The distributors can benefit from selling high-quality Prosecco under their own brand (your company brand/logo or a creative one).

This is an excellent strategy to push into the market your brand and work freely instead of following strict rules, limits and territorial exclusivity of other brands etc.

But above all you can promote and invest in your brand by selling the world’s best-selling alcoholic product.

The big structure of our Winery allows an economy of scale which offers the possibility to best quality PRIVATE LABEL at very competitive prices.

*For PRIVATE LABELING the minimum production are 10 pallets (1 pallet contains 96 cartons with 6 bottles each). This gives you a super competitive price.

All you need is 1 pdf of your logo/brand and we take care of the rest…


Bringing VYBES PROSECCO to Your Doorstep

We sell our wine in B2B commerce (wholesale).
Minimum order: 1 pallet with 96 cases; each case contains 6 750ml bottles of Italian Prosecco DOC (total bottles = 576)

Maximum order: unlimited


– 750ml bottles• Prosecco DOC

1 Pallet: cm. 80×120×200 h. 

16 cases per layer X6 (96 cases/576 bottles)

6 bottles case weight: 8 kg. Total pallet weight: 790 kg.

– 24L. One Way Cask• Sparkling White Wine from Veneto

1 Pallet: cm. 100x120x200

14 casks per layer X3 (48 casks/1152 l.)

Keg weight: 25 kg.

For containers: you can fill up to 11 Europallets in a 20″ ft. container or 24 in a 40″ ft. container.


Vybes Prosecco: A Glimpse of Elegance

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Since our main goal is customer satisfaction, daily attention to quality is one of the core values of our business. We have already achieved important quality standards for many years with ISO, BRC and IFS quality and environmental certifications, which have recently been joined by organic certifications.